Going away (scaling back) for a time…

In September 2014 I began this personal blog. I wrote for myself, I wrote for others and archived my material here, and now I publish the work of others at my website Divergent Options. Recently, I began writing a novel that I aim to self-publish in August / September 2018.

I am writing today to let those who follow my blog and those who I have interacted with on Twitter know that I am taking a break from writing national security articles and from my @philwalter1058 account on Twitter (though I will respond to direct messages). At the minimum this break will last until I self-publish my novel. There are several reasons for this change of behavior.

Regarding my personal blog… First, my national security writing has achieved my original goal — focusing my thoughts. Second, I don’t have much more to say national security writing-wise. Third, even if I did have more to say national security writing-wise, I don’t think my writing would change anything. Fourth, the steps I would have to take to make my writing truly impactful, I am unwilling to take.

Regarding my @philwalter1058 Twitter account… First, I believe that the desire to constantly check my twitter feed has contributed to me not “staying present” as Jonathan Rauch describes in his excellent book “The Happiness Curve.” Second, getting riled up on Twitter over national security decisions that I cannot effect does not improve my life.

Also of note is that I will only be checking Twitter direct messages and personal emails once per day as I have realized that being too connected also contributes to me not “stating present” as described above.

So, with this blog post I go silent (or at least significantly lessen my presence) for a bit.

If you need to get in touch my Twitter account is now open to direct messages from anyone, you can email me philwalter1058(at)gmail.com, and you can find me at Divergent Options.

Take care everyone, and thank you.