Quick Thoughts on #Syria

With President Trump launching cruise missiles at Syria in response to President Assad’s use of chemical weapons, the debate regarding U.S. policy and use of force in Syria is again alive and well.  On April 9, 2017 I tweeted the following as my thoughts on the subject.

And now a reading from Chapter 7 of “Military Strategy” by J.C. Wylie…

“The ultimate determinant in war is the man on the scene with the gun.”

“This man is the final power in war. He is in control He determines who wins.”

As a former Infantryman & Infantry Officer who later served in Iraq & Afghanistan as an Intelligence Officer I agree with J.C. Wylie.

And herein lies the problem with U.S. actions in

The U.S. does not have the will to execute per J.C. Wylie nor does the U.S. have the will to stay to see things through to a conclusion.

You cannot “pretty please with sugar on top” Assad into changing his behavior.

If the U.S. wants to stop Assad, & achieve an enduring outcome, it will require Divisions, Wings, Groups, & two or more decades of will.

And as the U.S. Divisions, Wings, & Groups are in , & will continue to rise.

After two decades + of Divisions, Wings, & Groups in , the reward will be finding our forces exhausted & outmatched vs Russia & China.

At that point, Russia & China spheres of influence will be irreversible due to U.S. political will & exhaustion.

So what is the cold hard truth / reality?

The U.S. needs to prioritize managing Russia & China’s sphere of influence establishment ahead of any activities in .

In essence, the Syrians of today in the region are suffering so the U.S. can focus on securing the global tomorrow.
End of tweet series.