Announcements & Such








It is 2017 and I have a few announcements.

This year I will complete graduate school and change jobs.  This, coupled with my new project Divergent Options, has caused me to take stock of where I am and make a few changes.  They are as follows:

1.  I am no longer a Member of the Military Writer’s Guild, a Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, or an Associate Member of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  Simply put, by my standards I cannot dedicate the time needed to any of these organizations to be of value to them thus I departed.

2.  The look of my website will soon change as I downgrade my WordPress plan to Personal.  Don’t worry as all the content will still be there it will just be arranged in a slightly different manner.

3.  Beyond family and work my main effort will be Divergent Options.  I invite anyone reading this to write for us if time allows.

Overall my 2017 theme is simplify.  Family, work, Divergent Options, healthy food, exercise, and a good book now and then make the year look pretty inviting.