National Security Hiring Standards Since 9/11 and Iraq

On September 9, 2016 I shared a few quick thoughts on national security community hiring standards since 9/11 and Iraq via Twitter.  I felt the need to archive these tweets here in case I need them in the future.  I hope you find them useful.

  Standby for some quick thoughts on U.S. national security community hiring standards since 9/11 & Iraq.

  After 9/11 & Iraq nearly every single U.S. Executive Branch department & agency related to national security activities grew.

  With this growth came some modifications to hiring standards.

  How do I know this?

  Before 9/11 & Iraq the Intelligence Community rejected me multiple times & after 9/11 & Iraq with plentiful billets & money they didn’t.

  In essence, 9/11 & Iraq opened some career fields to those deemed undesirable in peacetime (myself included).

  This was both good & bad.

  The good news is folks like me, who are not necessarily incompetent, were given opportunities.

  The bad news is that others slipped in that are incompetent & they now have titles on their resume that some may assume means competence.

  Fast forward to today, the current shrinking of the national security community, & punditry.

  Jobs in the U.S. national security community are harder to come by these days.  Pre-9/11 & Iraq hiring standards seem to have returned.

  The pre-9/11 & Iraq hiring standards will now block opportunities for both competent & incompetent people.

  Regarding punditry, always research the Pundit before accepting what they have to say.

  Just because the Pundit has a certain title or background does not confer competency upon them.

  The Pundit may have been in the right place at the right time to earn a title & nothing more.  Due diligence is your friend.

  End of tweet series.